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STATEMENT  16th JULY , 2023

On 16th January 2023 West Parley Memorial Hall CIO had a Roof Fire from which the Hall had to be closed.

It is now 16th July, 2023 with an update of the situation

When the fire occurred I (the chairman Anne Lane) informed the Insurance Broker and the Insurance Company to make a claim for repairs. Below I will give you the procedures that had to be, and have been, put in place.

The long line of bodies : –

  Underwriter :  Insurance Company: Insurance Broker: Loss Adjuster, Forensic Report, Asbestos Report, Surveyor.  I was told by the Surveyor that I should seek a Loss Assessor who works for you (meaning the West Parley Memorial Hall CIO).  Fortunately, I approached a large concern, Morgan Clark, who are one of the best renowned and respected companies in the South.  

From that Servicemaster, who are also renowned for their cleaning, repairing and refurbishing as much as possible throughout the building.

The main problem has been caused by the Underwriter and their lack of communication regarding the unique barrelled roof that we have.    A problematic situation of how to repair and renew this wonderful roof????

In all of this my HANDS have been tied as I have had to wait for confirmation from the above bodies to advise everyone that we can go ahead with the repairs.  This is not a satisfactory situation for us to be in. My main interest is to keep my regular hirers and future hirers informed of the current information.  

Servicemaster is now in the Hall, packing all that is salvageable.  In view of the length of time since the fire, most of the repairable items will now have to be renewed. 

Next in will be the Asbestos Company, and from seeing the report, not much will be left standing in the building.    


Next after that will be a complete reinstatement of the Hall, starting with the Roof repairs, the ceilings and floors.  Following on will be decorating and furnishings.   In view of the extent of this repair I may appeal for donations towards the kitchen appliances and other subsidiary items which need to be replaced.

The Trustees and I are deeply concerned of the situation with our Hirers, and I have pestered my Loss Assessor for a Time Frame?



I would ask you ALL to bear with me on this as I am extremely grateful for your continuous support and help if need be.  Any suggestions for colour schemes, or items you would like to see and be available in the hall please let me know.

I am taking Bookings from February 2024 at the moment but will have a better idea of dates and times etc., around November 2023, when most of the major works should be done.  

The Trustees and I are not happy with this situation nor with letting down of our hirers for such a long length of time as we do value your commitment to use the Hall.   I do hope you will bear with us and be patient for a little while longer.

The Trustees and I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you again in the coming future. 

Take care and God bless .


Anne Lane


West Parley Memorial Hall CIO


A local hall for local people since 1948

The original West Parley Memorial Hall was opened in 1948 and this West Parley Memorial Hall was opened on 30th May 1964 (see History) for the benefit of the community and local organisations. Since that time the Hall has been hired regularly and its facilities enhanced over the years.

Hall Management and Facilities

The West Parley Memorial Hall charity is administered by a management committee (“Trustees”) comprising a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary/bookings officer plus other elected/nominated members. They ensure the hall is maintained as a clean bright and inviting venue, for a wide range of activities and events including social, educational, aerobics, dancing, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, dog shows and meetings.

The Hall, which is centrally heated, can accommodate around 200 people seated in theatre-style for meetings and up to 150 seated at tables for social occasions and activities. Toilets, including for the disabled plus baby-changing facilities are available, as is Wi-Fi, an audio system, drop-down screen and a piano. An outside Patio is also available, and a large car park.