West Parley Memorial Hall

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On the 16th January 2023 the West Parley Memorial Hall had a severe Roof Fire which caused great sadness for the Trustees as we had to close the Hall.   

 It’s now 8 weeks since this fire took place. During this time, we have had many “bodies” inspecting, surveying, speculating and resolving issues like Loss Adjusters, Forensics, Loss Assessors (who work for us, most valuable and helpful) Asbestos inspection, Restorable (if able) company, electrician and central heating/plumbing engineers.  All these people together make up a constructive form for a claim with the Insurance Company, (who take their time).

We The Trustees appreciate and value the loyalty of All our Hirers as well as all the community in West Parley, together with other communities in surrounding arears, as you are well aware the only way the Hall survives is to hire it out!

We are in constant contact with the Loss Assessor and have been badgering them for a time frame.

To report their spoken words  “ End of August 2023”

Whilst the Trustees are concerned regarding the time factor, we do not want to loose any Hirers who have supported us over many years. So we ask and hope that all of you will bear with us at this difficult time.

Also the Hall is in its unsavoury state if there is anything you would like the Hall to have installed, i.e. dishwasher : or colour scheme, please contact us by our e-mail : [email protected]  

Further updates will be given as and when they occur.

Many thanks to all of you for the support and consideration you have given us in this matter .

The Trustees of the West Parley Memorial Hall

Anne Lane (Chairman)

March 2023.  

A local hall for local people since 1948

The original West Parley Memorial Hall was opened in 1948 and this West Parley Memorial Hall was opened on 30th May 1964 (see History) for the benefit of the community and local organisations. Since that time the Hall has been hired regularly and its facilities enhanced over the years.

Hall Management and Facilities

The West Parley Memorial Hall charity is administered by a management committee (“Trustees”) comprising a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary/bookings officer plus other elected/nominated members. They ensure the hall is maintained as a clean bright and inviting venue, for a wide range of activities and events including social, educational, aerobics, dancing, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, dog shows and meetings.

The Hall, which is centrally heated, can accommodate around 200 people seated in theatre-style for meetings and up to 150 seated at tables for social occasions and activities. Toilets, including for the disabled plus baby-changing facilities are available, as is Wi-Fi, an audio system, drop-down screen and a piano. An outside Patio is also available, and a large car park.